• NIGHTS 2013 CONFERENCE (Padua - September 2013)
    • The NEWIP partners organized the NIGHTS 2013 - Health, Pleasure & Communities conference in Padova, on September 25th-27th 2013.

      NIGHTS 2013 is an international conference that aims to improve the quality of the nightlife scene and the well being of the people inhabiting it. The event addresses nightlife stakeholders such as health professionals, volunteers, club/party organizers, public body representatives, scientists, scholars and partygoers by offering them multiple gathering modalities that fit different topics and kinds of expertise, including workshops, talks, showcases, multimedia presentation and round tables.

      The proceedings book is available here
  • Party Friends Night (Europe - November 2012)
    • The Nightlife Empowerment and Well-being Implementation Project (NEWIP) partners organized the first European Party Friends Night on Saturday November 24th 2012.

      More info on
  • NEWIP seminars 3 (Krakow - June 2013)
    • - The Party+ & Standards seminars took place in Berlin (May 16-17 2013)
      - The volunteers training session took place in krakow (June 6-8 2013)
  • NEWIP seminars 2 (Budapest - May 2012)
    • The second NEWIP seminars took take in Budapest at:
      COUNCIL OF EUROPE - European Youth Centre Budapest
      PROGRAM DOWNLOAD  -  Language: english
        • May 4th 2012
      • Party+ seminar (open to existing and emerging Safer Party Label projects)
        • 10h-13h: Seminar part II: Presentation of the stakeholders involved or interested in developing new label or charter in their city or country: what is the situation in their countries?

          14h-17h. Seminar part III: Workshop, exchanges between existing and developing labels and Charters aiming to facilitate the development of the emerging labels and charters.
      • Fieldwork training (open to 25 volunteers)
        • 09h-13h : Training part II:
          NEWIP – learn about the project and its networkIntervention work – what is important for international team work at interventions

          14h –19h: Training part III:
          Parallel sessions: New Media - the use of New Media for intervention work – practical training Drug Checking – how to use Drug Checking on interventions - practical trainings 
        • May 5th 2012
      • Fieldwork training (open to 25 volunteers)
        • 09h-19h: Training part VI:

          First Aid in Drug Emergencies focus on crisis situation (bad trip) Let´s go – preparation of interventions at Boom festival and Croatian Festival

          Evaluation – what´s important about evaluation and how to use evaluation tools on site
        • Participants info
      • Party+ info session & seminar

          16 persons will be representatives of labels and charters composing the actual Party+ Network:Fêtez Clairs (France), Q de Festa! (Spain), Quality Nights (Belgium) and Safer Clubbing (Switzerland).

          24 persons will be representatives of existing or emerging labels and charters but not yet members of Party +.

          The participants to the seminars have to be technical or political representatives, health NGOs or club representatives. They should be involved in the development of the Label in their City/Region/Country and must be authorized to share openly about their experiences (good practice and difficulties).

          - No registration fee. 
          - Travels and accommodation at your own cost.
          Travels and accommodation could be paid for 10 persons invited by the project, please contact the Party+ Manager.
          - Registration is mandatory.

          LANGUAGE : English

          David Leclercq – 
          Party + project manager & Quality Nights coordinator
          Modus Vivendi asbl
          Rue Jourdan 151 - 1060 Brussels
          Tél. +32(0)2/644.22.00
          Mobile +32(0)474/623.921

      • Fieldwork training session

          Projects active in harm reduction party work and have volunteers who need training are welcome to join. Also people from countries/cities where no harm reduction party project is established yet are welcome to apply. People interested to join should fill out the application form until 8th of March.

          LANGUAGE : English

          CONTACT : 
          - Katrin Schröder
          WP Training and Exchange Manager
          Drug Scouts
          +49 (0341) 211 20 22

          - Emilie COUTRET
          WP Field Intervention Manager
          Techno Plus
          +33 6 03 82 97 19

  • NEWIP Seminars 1 (Bologna - May 2011)
    • The first NEWIP seminars were organised with the Emilia Romagna Regione and included the following sessions
        • Bologna / May 18th 2011
      • New Technologies and Media for Field Intervention
          During the first session an introduction about the role and possible use of ICT in social intervention and e-health will be presented to participants. The purpose will be to highlight background theories, methods and approach to in-field mediated intervention in nightlife contexts.

          This session will be followed by the presentation of three different examples of technologies used in nightlife interventions, in order to supply a closer view on the modalities in which technologies could be implemented in nightlife interventions.

          Thanks to these theoretical and practical presentations, participants will have the possibility to give a concrete contribution to the NEWIP media and videogames content, during a videogame design session that will close the workshop.

          During Friday May 20th night, participants can join the organizing group to have an in-field training on the use of these technologies during a night event at Link (a famous club in Bologna).

          Prof. Luciano Gamberini, Dr. Zamboni Luca, Ing. Alessandro Privitera
          Human Technology Lab, University of Padua, Italy
          Isa Tion, Enrico Guardigli
          Psychologist without Borders, Italia - ONLUS

      • Good Practice and Standards Integration
          The Health Promotion Effect Management Instrument will be introduced. This instrument is used to develop and evaluate interventions. In this way interventions will become good practice and more standardized.
          The participants:
          - know the Health Promotion Effect Management Instrument
          - are able to improve their (planned) intervention with this instrument
          - are motivated to work with this instrument in practice
        • Bologna / May 19th-20th 2011
      • Party+ seminar
        • OBJECTIVES

          To share good practice and tools between local stakeholders including health professionals, local decision makers and club owners (or responsible person) from cities and regions developing safer party Labels or Charter.
      • Fieldwork training session
        • The objective of training session one is to train peers/professionals for the creation of a multidisciplinary European team to work at party settings. Volunteers trained will join one of two interventions in either Germany or Hungary in summer 2011 to adapt their theoretical knowledge to the practical field (for details see section on interventions).


          - Maintain the cohesion of the group This element of the training should help the group understand the aims of the intended work within the electronic and dance music scene. It should also help to establish the volunteer’s adherence to the policies and practices of the group.Team building. Exchange of best practice

          - Acquire knowledge and know-how This part of the training should help to develop competences and skills that volunteers will require to work effectively within the local electronic and dance music scene. Content:
          First aid
          Crisis intervention (talking down)
          How to use blue tooth technology/new media
          Use of Evaluation standards/materials

          - Planning of field Interventions Info on cultural background of festival e.g. the scenes involved Legal aspects How to create a chill out and an informative stand Define standards for common field intervention work
        • Bologna / May 20th 2011
      • SAFER NIGHTLIFE Conference
        • Organised with the Direzione generale Sanità e Politiche sociali - Regione Emilia Romagna


          PROGRAMMA - Program

          Introduzione / Introduction

          09:30 D.ssa Mila Ferri - Regione Emilia Romagna
          Welcome and Opening Session 

          10:00 Stephane Leclercq - ABD-Energy Control / NEWIP Manager, EU
          European needs for new implementation strategies and methods: the NEWIP project 

          10:30 Alex Bucheli - Deputy head of the youth counselling Streetwork, City of Zurich
          Fourteen years of Recreational Drug Prevention, including drug checking. What results have been achieved and what we can learn from these experiences? 

          11:00 Coffee break

          11:20 Parte prima / First part Morning 
          Chair: Prof Luciano Gamberini, University of Padova¨DROGHE & NUOVE TECNOLOGIE: LA DIMENSIONE “e” DELL’INTERVENTO SOCIO-SANITARIO / "Drugs & new technologies: the “e ” factor in social and health interventions

          11:20 Pjer Vriens - Rotterdam public health service / Correlation Network Project, EU Presentation of a new social intervention open source tool for online outreach.

          11:40 Karl Kociper - Check it, Vienna. 
          Standards for online counseling 

          12:00 Jochen Schroten - VAD / e-SBIRTes project, EU
          From the Healthy Nightlife Toolbox to the Electronic Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for (poly)drug users in Emergency Services 

          12:20 PANEL - Questions from the audience to the experts and open debate 

          13:00 Lunch

          14:30 Parte seconda / Second part
          Afternoon Chair: Dott. Edo Polidori, Regione Emilia Romagna, ASL Forlì
          NUOVE STRATEGIE PER PROMUOVERE LA SALUTE NEI CONTESTI DELLA NOTTE / New strategies to promote health in the nightlife venues

          14:30 Luciano Gamberini - Human-Technology Lab, University of Padova
          Implementing new technologies for prevention and harm reduction

          15.00 Muriel Allart - Modus Vivendi / Party+ Network, EU
          Quality labels for Nightlife venues: what the Party+ network can do for you? 

          15:30 Thierry Charlois – Fêtez Clairs, Paris / EU Drug Policies Consultant
          EU Nightlife Networks and EU resolutions 

          16:00 Mario Cipressi - CelS Reggio Emilia & Edo Polidori - SERT Forlì
          Un cantiere di lavoro sul WEB nella Regione Emilia-Romagna

          16:30 Michele Marangi - Media educator
          Windows, Mirrors, Doors. The virtual as fiction in the media, to confront the contemporary lifestyles
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