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    • NEWIP | end of the 2011-2013 project The Nightlife Empowerment and Well-being Implementation Project ended on December 31st 2013.

      The NEWIP partners have created the association NEW-Net (Nightlife, Empowerment & Well-being Network). NEW-Net is a European network of community-based NGOs acting in the fields of health promotion and nightlife, local and regional authorities and agencies, nightlife professionals, treatment professionals and scientific researchers.

      NEW-Net aims to promote safer nightlife policies and practices, based on integrated partnerships including all the nightlife stakeholders.

      The first NEW-NET meeting shall take place in March 2014 to set up the basis of the next projects to be developed by the partners.

    • NEWIP | Sharing Evidence Workshop The NEWIP partners will send a representative to participate in a workshop on “Sharing evidence and ways to improve the quality of actions to prevent and reduce harm related to addiction, funded under the Health and Drug Prevention and Information Programmes (DPIP)”, on the 25 and 26 November 2013, in Lisbon. The workshop is co-organised by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, EMCDDA, DG SANCO and DG JUST.
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    • Global Drug Survey 2014 Will you take part?

      Global Drug Survey (GDS) is the independent international centre of expertise in qualitative and quantitative, non-judgmental, informative and confidential drug surveys.

      GDS prides itself on being an innovative, wellbeing-focused organisation, established to analyse and collate first-hand public responses regarding illicit and controlled drugs, drug usage and drug trends.

      Our philosophy is to provide individuals with an opportunity to freely and securely participate in unprejudiced, uncoerced, independent studies of illicit and controlled drugs and drug usage and to provide participants with immediate feedback based upon their responses.

      GDS is the only organisation offering this unique experience, and further believes that by offering this unfettered space we can move the understanding of drugs and the associated societal drug trends forward. This in turn will assist all sections of society – professionals and the public alike – to benefit from the published results whilst allowing professional groups the ability to provide support, information, education and health services based upon geographical evidence data.
    • Safer Drinking Scenes publication The publication resulting from the SDS project on excessive consumption of alcohol by young people in public spaces, entitled Safer Drinking Scenes. Alcohol, City and Nightlife, has been released. It is available free of charge for Efus members in print or PDF format.

      This 100 page book coproduced by the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU according to the French acronym) and the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) includes practices implemented in 10 European cities that were partner in the project as well ascontributions from three European experts: Marie-Line Tovar,of the French Observatory on Drugs and Addictions, Dr Laurent Karila, Expert on addiction at Paul Brousse Hospital, Paris, and Phil Hadfield, Researcher at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). It also includes political and operational recommendations for local authorities who face the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption among youths, in particularly binge drinking, on public health and peace.

      For more information, click here.
  • Old news
    • The Party+ Network The European network for safer party labels, Party + has been formalized into a legal entity which is now opened to new memberships. 
      The association brings together European non-governmental and non-profit organizations as well as local/regional/national authorities, night clubs and party organizations with the socio-cultural aims of improving nightlife settings and promoting health by implementing and enhancing quality Labels and Charters.
      If you are interested in integrating the PARTY+ Network, all information are available on our website.
    • NEWIP seminars III The third NEWIP seminars will be organized soon:
      - The Party+ and the "Standards" seminars will take place in Berlin (May 16-17 2013)
      - The volunteers training session will be held in Krakow (June 6-8 2013)
    • Training & Field Interventions 2013 This summer 2013, the next NEWIP Field Interventions should take place at the Ozora Festival in Hungary and at a Teknival in Eastern Europe. Additionally, 5 persons will have the chance to take part at an intervention focusing on New Media, in Italy. The teams will be composed of 30 peers from different European projects.

      Peers who want to take part, can apply for a place at the training session which will be held in Krakow from 6th to 8th of June. To apply, the candidates have to fill in the application form and to send it back by email to and before the 10th of April 2013.

      The Nightlife Empowerment and Well-being Implementation Project will cover all costs for the training seminar and for the interventions, including travels, accommodation and food.

      More info on the info sheet !
    • TEDI second trend report The TEDI partners are committed to gathering and publishing the most relevant data from the TEDI database twice annually as well as publishing periodic trend reports.

      These reports are accessible via the TEDI website.

      The second one presents the results gathered by six Drug Checking Services between June and December 2012.
    • The European Party Friends Night In total, 43 parties from 9 different countries participated to our EU Party Friends Night campaign.
      Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to Sandrine Dias for winning the Facebook Contest.
    • The European Party Friends Night Saturday November 24th, join us to promote
      - a positive outlook on nightlife, 
      - the well-being of partygoers and nightlife professionals, 
      - the importance of fellowship and solidarity when partying
      More info on
    • NEWIP | TEDI new Website
      T.E.D.I. (Trans European Drug Information) is a European database system that collects, monitors and analyses the evolution of the various European drug scenes and reports on them on a regular basis.
      All of the organisations involved in Drug Checking share their data on the T.E.D.I. database, which was originally established in conjunction with projects that worked directly with drug users (first-line projects).
      The aim of this monitoring and information system is to help improve public health and intervention programs. It serves as an early warning system and a tool for monitoring the evolution of drug markets in Europe. Moreover, it has become an essential knowledgebase in the area of recreational drug use.
      Besides its Drug Checking information function, TEDI project also focuses on: 1) standardising the various processes related to Drug Checking; 2) making recommendations to help improve first-line project field interventions; and 3) monitoring the evolution of new substances and new trends throughout Europe.
    • NEWIP | Drug Checking The TEDI workgroup has developed a factsheet for decision makers, that gives a concise overview about Drug Checking in Europe today
    • NEWIP | Party+ Website The Party+ Website is on-line. Have a look if you want to know more about the european network for safer party labels or if you want to start your own
    • NEWIP | Start a Safer Label in your city The Party+ Network is proposing a service of "Expert Visit" to support you and your city stakeholders (the administrative and/or political representatives, the health NGOs, club owners) in developing a Label process. These experts speak German, French, Spanish, Catalan or English.
      You might be interested in 10 things you should know for implementing a Safer Nightlife Label.
      For more information, please contact with Muriel Allart (
    • NEWIP | Field interventions This summer 2011, the NEWIP international teams are implementing various health promotion and risk reduction actions within the Fusion Festival (germany) and the Transylvania Calling (Romania).
  • Old news
    • E-Book: Professional Profile of the Outreach Worker in Harm Reduction "Getting back to work from your relaxing holidays? And you haven´t decided what to read after your summer pleasurable readings?"
      Take your time, decide carefully and choose to read safely to avoid literature harms! Enjoy your autumn with the E-Book "Professional Profile of the Outreach Worker in Harm Reduction".
      An Harm Reduction Reading for an Exciting Restart!"
    • International reporting European Drug Report 2013

      The EMCDDA presents its annual overview of the European drug situation in a new, reshaped information package designed to be more timely, interactive and interlinked.The package is designed as a set of integrated elements allowing full access to the available data and analysis on the drugs problem in Europe.

      Alcohol Reports Website

      An international website dedicated to providing current information on news, reports, publications,and peer-reviewed research articles concerning alcoholism and alcohol-related problems throughout the world. Postings are provided by international contributors who monitor news, publications and research findings in their country, geographical region or program area of interest. All postings are entered without editorial or contributor opinion or comment.

    • International conferences - Club Health 2013, May 28-30  | San Fransisco
      - Safer Drinking Scenes June 13-14  | Nantes
      - SONICS 2013, June 14-16 | Frankfurt
      - Breaking Convention, July 12 - 14 | London
      2 International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances, September 12-13 | Swansea + Live streaming
      - NIGHTS 2013, September 25 - 27 | Padova
    • EMCDDA latest thematic papers Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines in Europe - findings from the DRUID project
      Prevalence of daily cannabis use in the European Union and Norway
      Users´ voices
      Travel and drug use in Europe: a short review
      Responding to drug use and related problems in recreational settings

      and more thematic papers are available on the EMCDDA Website. 
    • Club Health 2013 The next Club Health Conference will be held in San Francisco on May 28-30 2013

      This exciting event will bring together experts from a wide range of fields to exchange information on the latest research, policy and practice on protecting and promoting health in nightlife settings.

      The conference aims to build capacity and capability among all groups that have a stake in healthy nightlife – from the public health and government agencies that regulate it, to the club owners, festival organizers and promoters that make it happen, to the participants without whom it would not exist.

      More info on :
    • EMCDDA 2012 Annual Report 2012 Annual report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe - EMCDDA

      The report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe presents the EMCDDA´s yearly overview of the drug phenomenon. This is an essential reference book for policymakers, specialists and practitioners in the drugs field or indeed anyone seeking the latest findings on drugs in Europe. Published every autumn, the report contains non-confidential data supported by an extensive range of figures.
    • Nightlife & Drug Use Conferences - 1. nationale Tagung|1ère Journée nationale|1o Congresso nazionale|Safer Nightlife 
      Biel | Bienne, 19. September 2012
      - SPICE Prevention Issues. 
      Frankfurt am Main, 25-26 September 2012
      - AFR Rencontres Nationales de la RdR
      Paris, 25-26 Octobre 2012
      - ReDUse_12 New Aspects and Developments in Recreational Drug Use
      Wien, 16. November 2012
      - Club Health Conference 
      San Francisco, 28-30 May 2013
    • City Health Conference 2012
      The conference is hosted by the City of London (22nd- 23rd October 2012) and will take place in the City of London’s historic Guildhall. It will examine policy and practice in relation to public health in cities. The conference has a special focus on health behaviours – including on diet, alcohol, sex, drugs, smoking, nightlife and entertainment venues, mental health, violence, migration, tourism, and health planning for large scale events, along with consideration of the future challenges for creating healthy cities and a healthy public.
    • 2C-B study Energy Control (a project of an NGO called ABD) has presented a study about the presence of 2C-B (4, bromo-2 ,5-dimethoxyphenylethylamine) in the Spanish black market for recreational drugs. For the first time there is a description of the effect of this substance on humans, using a scientific methodology. The study was developed from 2006 to 2009 in collaboration with the scientific team of Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and the Instituto Municipal de Investigaciones Médicas de Barcelona. It has recently been published published in the scientific Journal of Psychopharmacology. (URL avalaible in: 

      The study documents the presence of 2C-B in the illegal market in Spain. The presence of this substance, in 96 samples tested in a laboratory, was confirmed. The proportion of samples with 2C-B has doubled between 2006 and 2009 and has evolved from its presentation in powder to pills. For example, in the last semester of 2009 this substance was detected in 20 different pills coming from 7 different regions of  Spain. During this period, 2C-B was a frequently found substance in pills that were supposedly ecstasy pills (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). 

      Contact: / +34 902 253 600
    • Publications A summary of the health harms of drugs
      Technical briefs on amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS)
      Global Commission on Drug Policy Report - EN, ES, RU, PT, FR 
      EMCDDA Report on the risk assessment of mephedrone
    • Interesting conferences The Club Health Conference: December 12-14 2011
      The Correlation Conference: December 12-14 2011
      The European Harm Reduction meeting: October 6-7 2011
      The EuroTC & IREFREA Conference: Sept 29 - Oct 01 2011
    • European Commission publication Projects, Studies and Research on Illicit Drugs funded by the European Commission 2007-2010