Safer Party Labels

  • Partnership
    • The PARTY+ Network was created in 2011 by four Labels and Charters :

      Early 2013, the 4 founder members of the network created a legal entity : the PARTY + 
      association which aims at improving nightlife settings and promoting health among European cities and regions by implementing and enhancing quality Labels and Charters for nightlife venues. Since then, the network is opened to new membership.
  • Context
    • When partying, young people could take or be exposed to a multitude of risks linked to 
      consumption of legal and illegal substances but also unprotected and\or unwanted sexual relations, hearing damages, violence, road safety, etc. These risks can lead to health problems, crisis situations, road accidents and possible HIV and HCV contaminations. The experiences in the past have shown that establishing quality Label or Charter for clubs and events help to reduce these risks, by improving nightlife settings and implementing health services in a sustainable way: accessibility to health promotion material and information, to free fresh water, to condoms and earplugs, training of the club’s staff, etc.

      Licences’ laws exist and have increased the quality of events and clubs during the last decade in most European countries. However, even for countries with a comprehensive licence law, a label is a complementary and sustainable solution adapted to the local realities. Because these labels and charters are developing participative and integrated approaches with all the nightlife stakeholders, promoting community empowerment and setting up actions for a responsible party’s culture, Labels and charters give a framework:
      • to improve nightlife settings “in a healthiest way”;
      • to raise awareness of partygoers on risk behaviours and how to reduce risks;
      • to promote a positive and responsible party culture;
      • to work together with nightlife scenes, partygoers, health NGO’s and administrations in a way of cooperation;
      • to empower the nightlife community;
      • to strengthen mediation and reduce public nuisance and violence around clubs.
  • Objectives
    • Since many different stakeholders could be involved in safer nightlife Labels and Charters, there can be different interests to participate:
      • For a club owner or a party organizer, a Label is the recognition of the attention he pays 
      to the well-being and health of his public. It gives them a positive image and can support 
      them in case of crisis situation to reduce juridical risks;
      • For a partygoer, it’s the guarantee of a quality venue to party in a safer way; 
      • For an administration or a health NGO, it’s a participative and sustainable methodology to reduce risks related to nightlife.

      The Party+ association brings together European non-governmental and non-profit organisations as well as local/regional/national authorities, night clubs and party organisations with the socio-cultural aims of improving nightlife settings and promoting health through community empowerment by implementing and enhancing quality Labels and Charters for nightlife venues.
  • Methodology
  • Participants info
    • If you wish more information about the Labels and Charters or about Party+:

      If you are interested in integrating the PARTY + Network, please download the Membership application form :

      • Associate members are European non-governmental and non-profit organizations, local/
      regional/national authorities, night clubs and party organisations supporting the Party+ 

      • Full members are safer party Labels or Charters established in cities, regions or at national level. Full members have the right to vote at General Assemblies and are eligible to be members of the Executive Committee.
  • PARTY+ Standards & documents
  • Support
    • The Walloon Region (BE)
      The French Community Commission (Cocof) (BE)
      Infodrog (CH)
      Department of Health. Catalonia (ES)
      City of Tarragona (ES)