Training & Exchange

  • Partnership
  • Context
    • All the projects involved in NEWIP are working with volunteers. A volunteer is an unpaid member of the group, actively participating to the development of the project. Generally a volunteer is issued from the local scene (raver, clubber, using drugs or not).

      The level of knowledge among the volunteers of the different projects is therefore quite different. In addition there are always new volunteers joining the group as well as new technologies etc. Training is an essential element of peer projects, which plays and important role in the cohesion of a group. It also helps in the development and implementation of a project’s working policies and practices.

      Training programs should always endeavor to incorporate internal and external factors that are crucial to the development of the project.
  • Objectives
    • The specific objective of the WP is to train peers/professionals for the creation of a multidisciplinary European team to work at party settings.

      The themes of the training will be: chill-out intervention, crisis intervention, use of multimedia materials, emerging issues, cultural specificities, research and evaluation, exchange of best practice, etc. Three seminars will support each project member to expand his/her knowledge and to exchange information between different teams working in this field area.
  • Field interventions training documents